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Autistic man framed for manslaughter by Hong Kong police

posted 21 May 2015, 17:19 by Hong Kong Independence Party

Just as you think the Hong Kong police cannot sink any further, yet another shocking scandal rears its ugly head.  On 2 May, an autistic man was arrested in connection with the death of an elderly man.  Without the presence of his family, he faced police interrogation alone during which the police officers misled him into admitting manslaughter.  Despite subsequent proof of innocence furnished by third parties (CCTV footage showing him to be somewhere else at the time the crime was supposed to have taken place), the police chose not to release him and attempted to build a case against him.  Having been detained for over 48 hours, the innocent man was only allowed to go after a series of bureaucratic procedures, and the manslaughter charge against him was not dropped until three days after his release.  It simply is not enough for the police to apologise to the man and his family.  They owe Hongkongers a thorough explanation as to how such a gross miscarriage of justice could have happened.  Until then, we cannot place our trust in them again.