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Anti-parallel traders protest striked clashes in Sheung Shui on 6 Sept

posted 10 Sept 2015, 12:50 by Hong Kong Independence Party

An anti-parallel traders protest has once again been triggered off in Sheung Shui on 6 Sept , with clashes striked among different groups of people with different points of view.

Ray Wong , one of the members of Hong Kong Indigenous , was arrested during a clash between the protesters and the dissidents.

A clip of video provided by one of the witnesses clearly shows that while a herd of dissidents insulted the protesters with brutal language and even assaulted them , police did not follow the proper procedures and arrested them. What they really did was simply ignoring Ray Wong's complaint about the verbal violence and physical violence he got from those dissidents, and, even more ridiculously, to  knock Ray down on the floor and arrested him.

"The video has been very clear. I hope the judge will know who's the right one and who's the wrong one. But the lying police is truly of iniquity and the whole society is becoming more and more unjust." one of the users on Facebook says.

Many improper arrest such as this case have been shown many times in Hong Kong, however, people do not appear to be indignant at it but to be holding an optimistic attitude towards it.