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  • The Sino-British Joint Declaration - 35 Years of Nightmare Open Letter to the UK and US Government,2019 marks the most disruptive period of turmoil for Hong Kongers since the handover of Hong Kong from Britain toChina. Since ...
    Posted 19 Dec 2019, 13:49 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Update from HKIP Dear friends, media, the US/UK Congress/Parliament and everyone would love to pay attention the current tragedy in Hong Kong,As everyone knows, there’s an ongoing massacre in ...
    Posted 16 Nov 2019, 12:20 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • 3 Million British Nationals and their descendants in Hong Kong now officially calling for SOS signal to the rest of the world (1) 3 Million of British Nationals in Hong Kong now request Her Majesty’s government to declare the annulment of the Sino-British Joint Declaration (JD) and the United States ...
    Posted 4 Oct 2019, 06:42 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • タイトル:300万人の英国国民と香港の子供たちが、日本と国際社会に正式に遭難信号を送ります。 日本政府と国際社会へ:



(2)英国と米国政府は共同で、中華人民共和国が香港を違法に占領したと宣言しました ...
    Posted 4 Oct 2019, 06:40 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Statement from the Hong Kong Independence Party: Protest against the fake Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act from the US and denounce Beijing claiming that “The three treaties are null” Post In this month, the House of Commons published Six-monthly report on Hong Kong 2019. On page 7 section 2.4 of the report, it has clearly expressed that both ...
    Posted 25 Sep 2019, 07:34 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • 香港獨立黨聲明:抗議美國會即將審議的《香港偽民主人權法案》,及 譴責北京「三個條約無效論」的不實言論 英國下議院於本月十六日公開了《香港報告 2019》,《報告》第七頁 2.4 中明文表態,<維也納條約法公約>之下,英中雙方都是《中英聯合聲明》的條約簽署國,在條約被侵害的情況下,《聲明》將可以被中止。 《報告》更指出,中方已經不止一次違反《聲明》,銅鑼灣五子事件則是對這份條約的最大侵犯。由此暗示,《聯合聲明》的有效性可以隨時被中止。英國會在敏感時刻,前所未有地指出這個問題,絕對不尋常。 英中雙方就香港前途問題談判期間 ...
    Posted 27 Sep 2019, 05:00 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Open Letter to the European Union Attn: Ms Carmen CanoAmbassador / Head of Office European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao19/F, St.John's Building33 Garden RoadCentralHong KongDear Madam ...
    Posted 16 Jun 2019, 15:33 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Untitled
    Posted 11 Feb 2016, 04:43 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Audio Statement about the Fishball Revolution and the Hong Kong issue from HKIP
    Posted 10 Feb 2016, 16:38 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • 詳解香港「網絡23條」 2014 年版權(修訂)條例草案 ( 網絡23條 )2014年版權(修訂)條例草案是用作更新香港的版權制度,確保制度與時並進,緊貼科技和海外發展,緊貼國際趨勢,如歐盟、澳洲、英國、新加坡、新西蘭和加拿大,但從條例草案中看不見是跟國際趨勢看平。先來看看2014年版權(修訂)條例的內容。首先,條例中列明只有作品的版權擁有人才享有向公眾傳播該作品的權利,即是非版權人向公眾傳播該版權擁有人的作品就有機會負上刑事責任。假如網民擅自下載一套未經版權擁有人授權的電影,再放上YouTube,即屬侵犯版權,版權擁有人及執法機關可藉此控告該網民。另外,條例指出複製原作品的實質部分即構成侵權,但實質部分的定義十分含糊 ...
    Posted 11 Dec 2015, 05:19 by Hong Kong Independence Party
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  • HKIP Speaker's opinion What are we left?At this moment, the rest of us in Hong Kong have only one conviction, and we hope that tomorrow will be even better.In the past ...
    Posted 7 Oct 2019, 01:41 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Opinion of HKIP members
    Posted 21 Jun 2019, 13:11 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Opinion from one of the HKIP trustee
    Posted 19 Jun 2019, 06:03 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • Intriguing Liar Martin Lee and His Historic Embarrassment As the relationship between Hong Kong and China become increasingly complicated and fraught with antagonism, and when the locals in Hong Kong have developed strong skeptical attitude to the conventional ...
    Posted 16 May 2019, 11:06 by Hong Kong Independence Party
  • 出賣民族的奶支垃圾-HKIP Trustee's opinion HKIP trustee:係,真香港人是欠了這些吮支的柒頭,看著這些支共Agent浪費香港人時間,將我地未來放在支那體制手中,令下一代喝鉛水、令支共可以肆無忌憚的掏空香港外匯儲備。為的,就是要香港人和下一代成為「乖乖待在一支兩制中的待劏豬」冇得吮人大,冇得吮香圳會,冇得成為支共的傀儡,一切歸咎於香港這個群人?到底毛孟靜這個畜牲有多麼失去良知和對香港的歸屬感,才說得出這種臉不紅、臭不要臉的自大說話?
    Posted 27 Jan 2018, 10:44 by Hong Kong Independence Party
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Hong Kong Independence Party (HKIP) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2014 by Hong Kong expatriates now residing in the EU. It was formally registered as a political party in the United Kingdom in February 2015. HKIP’s main aim is to support the people of Hong Kong in their struggle for self-determination, awakening them to the importance of safe-guarding their unique identity as a national group and helping them in the process of nation-building and returning to the British Commonwealth.

Ever since the UK relinquished British rule in Hong Kong in 1997, China has employed various measures to undermine the autonomy promised to Hong Kong in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, reducing Hongkongers to second-class citizens in their own land. Such measures include moving large numbers of Chinese nationals into Hong Kong, filling key posts in the Hong Kong Government with its own people and engaging in huge and unnecessary infrastructural projects to deplete the financial reserves built up during British rule.

HKIP hopes to draw the world’s attention to the way China has turned its back on the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong and how it is undermining Hong Kong’s core values and way of life on a daily basis. We support the people of Hong Kong, as a distinct national group, to seek self-determination and return to the fold of the British Commonwealth.


自1997年香港被中國侵佔後,便成為其殖民地。借助各種殖民手段,包括每日至少被強制接收殖民150人,巧立名目以各種簽證讓數以十萬計的中國人殖民香 港;現在甚至借多項無實際效用的高昂基礎建設企圖淘空由香港人在英治時代以血汗換來的龐大儲備。這些殖民手段根本完全違反《英中聯合聲明》。